LPG - Endermologie Lipomassage – Liftmassage
100% natural technique to deep re-density ant rejuvenete to skin of the face
Slim – Contous - Firm


Endermologie is the technique dispensed by LPG macines. All LPG machines used by health professionals are medical devices.
It is performed via Roll (motorized tissular rolling for the body mechanical rolling for the face) and Lift
(a Liftmassage technique for the delicate tissue of the face and neck).
Endermologie repairs the tissue via a progressive, non invasive method carried out by the effect of directed mechanical actions. Mechanical collagen activatos.

Endermologie has applications for:

Health (Endermotherapy)
- LPG therapeutics: to treat pathologies of the face and body: edema, lymphoedema, stasis, scars, fibrosis, pain, lesions of
the muscles and tendons, after-effects of surgery, etc.
- LPG functional therapy: day to day aches ond pains or functional disorders: insomnia, migraine, water retention, constipation, distension, etc.

Sport (Endermosport)
- Performance, recovery and injury management of sports for men and women.

- Body Lipomassage: cellulite, localized fat tissue, reshaping the silhouette, loose skin, water retention, etc.
- Lipomassage and Liftmassage for the face: wrinkles, sagging skin, aging features, fine lines, dull complexion, blemished skin, dilated pores.

The result of all these treatments, through their action on tissue quality, is good health, well-being and the fight against aging.

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